Optical Character Recognition for Vehicle Identification Number


The service allows you to read the 17-digit VIN code from a photo on various documents, plates, on the arches of the vehicle, on the windshield, as well as stamped plates of power units, on the car body.

Main features:

  • Accurate finding of 4 points of the VIN code
  • Highly accurate recognition of VIN codes
  • Automatically adjusts VIN orientation
  • Inference up to 1 second
VIN Code Recognition Examples


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VIN Numbers Explained

Delving into the VIN's structure reveals much about the vehicle.

Explain where is VIN

VIN Number Analysis

Build Location

The VIN's first digit denotes the build location, revealing the vehicle's country of origin. Sometimes, the second digit is also used for this purpose. Here are some examples:

FranceVF, VR, VG, VH, VM, VK, VN, VL, VP, VJ
GermanyWL, WF, WH, WY, W0, SR, W5, W7, WA, ST, WJ, WD, WW, WT, WV, WU, W8, W3, W2, WB, WR, WE, W6, WZ, WK, WS, WN, SS, WG, WC, SN, WP, W9, W1, W4, WX, SP, WM
United States1J, 4W, 4S, 41, 59, 55, 52, 5P, 4D, 1M, 4Y, 4T, 1N, 4J, 1A, 4H, 5V, 4V, 4E, 46, 4X, 1B, 47, 42, 17, 5L, 48, 1F, 5C, 1K, 1P, 1E, 40, 5B, 4R, 1H, 1U, 1G, 1T, 1S, 4B, 4G, 5F, 5Y, 5G, 5K, 18, 5D, 5W, 12, 1V, 5X, 57, 1L, 5J, 44, 13, 43, 4U, 50, 10, 4Z, 4L, 5U, 19, 1W, 5T, 5H, 4M, 1Y, 5A, 1C, 5N, 4K, 1D, 4F, 4C, 1R, 45, 54, 16, 51, 56, 5S, 5Z, 5R, 4P, 1Z, 14, 4N, 49, 5M, 58, 15, 5E, 4A, 53, 11, 1X
Canada2Z, 2P, 22, 2E, 2W, 26, 2G, 2J, 2N, 2C, 21, 2S, 2L, 27, 2K, 28, 2A, 2Y, 2F, 2X, 20, 25, 2V, 2T, 2D, 2H, 2R, 2U, 2M, 23, 24, 2B, 29
United KingdomAC, AH, AM, AE, AL, AA, AF, AD, AK, AB, AG, AJ
ChinaLT, LZ, L1, LE, LJ, L5, LG, L0, LH, LA, LF, LD, LU, L6, LC, LP, LK, LN, L9, LY, LS, LM, LB, LV, LX, L7, L3, L8, LL, LW, LR, L2, L4
SpainVW, VU, VV, VT, VS
ItalyZA, ZC, ZL, ZG, ZH, ZD, ZR, ZB, ZP, ZE, ZF, ZJ, ZM, ZK, ZN
JapanJJ, J8, J9, J3, JV, J1, JE, JB, J2, JX, JP, J6, JR, J4, JH, J5, JK, JU, JN, JW, JZ, JA, JT, JF, JM, J7, JL, JY, JC, JD, JS, J0, JG
IndiaME, MC, MD, MB, MA
Czech RepublicTK, TM, TP, TL, TN, TJ
BelgiumYC, YA, YD, YB, YE
Australia6K, 6E, 6P, 6W, 6T, 6U, 6V, 6R, 6D, 6H, 6J, 6B, 6L, 6F, 6A, 6M, 6C, 6N, 6S, 6G
Argentina8B, 8D, 8C, 8A, 8E
The NetherlandsXL, XM, XN
PolandSU, SY, SZ, SX, SW, SV
Venezuela81, 8Y, 8Z, 82, 8X
YugoslaviaVZ, V1, V2, VX, VY
Brazil9D, 95, 99, 9B, 96, 94, 97, 9A, 93, 9C, 98, 9E
IndonesiaMK, MH, MG, MF, MJ
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Digits 2 and 3 in the VIN specify the manufacturer. Some common codes include:

Ford1F, 2F, 3F, FA, FB, FC, FD, FM, PR8, 6F1, 6FP, 7A5
Jaguar carSAJ
Volkswagen carWVW, 1VW, 3VW
MitsubishiJE4, JMA, JMB, JMF, JMY, 6MM, 7A1
AudiAU, A1, TRU
NissanJN, PN8, VNV, 8AN, 94D
ChevroletG1, MMM, 2G1, 6G3
MazdaMZ, 4F, JM6, JM7, PP1, 1YV
Porsche carP0, P1, WP0
ToyotaJT, PN1, PN2, 6T1, 7A4, 9BR
HyundaiPP3, 2HM
Volvo CarsPNV
Lexus carJT8, JTH
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Brand, Engine Size and Type

Digits 4 to 8 of the VIN detail the vehicle's specific configuration.

Check Digit

The ninth digit, known as the check digit, is crucial for VIN validation, ensuring the number's accuracy.

Vehicle Year

The tenth position in the VIN corresponds to the vehicle's production year, with 'A' representing 1980 and subsequent letters indicating later years.

See all years.

Assembly Plant

The eleventh digit indicates the plant where the vehicle was assembled.

Serial Number

The VIN's final six digits uniquely identify the specific vehicle.

Locating Your Car's VIN Number

The VIN is typically found at the base of the windshield on the driver's side. If not there, check the driver's side door post, the door itself, or your vehicle's documentation like insurance cards or title.

VIN OCR Collage


The vehicle identification number optical character recognition system was developed by RIA.com for the AUTO.RIA.com auto classifieds project. It was necessary to read the 17-digit VIN code from the photos uploaded by site users. The VIN could be indicated in various documents, on the windshield, stickers on car units, as well as stamped on the metal surface of the car body or engine, also sometimes photos were uploaded upside down or from different shooting angles, which made it impossible to use popular OCRs, such as tesseract, easyOCR and others to obtain a good recognition result.

Therefore, we have developed our specialized models for scanning VIN codes, which give a much better result than all other solutions known to us.